If you are a veteran, military family member, on active duty or retired military please submit your application to be considered for sponsorship to attend the 5th Annual Veterans Awards.

Last year, we offered more than 200 complimentary tickets to our service members and veterans to attend the 4rd  Annual Veterans Awards. This event is one of the most meaningful ways for our fellow veterans to come together and feel that sense of pride and community they need.

We would like to humbly ask you to make a generous contribution to our Sponsor a Vet campaign this year so that we can bring our community together once again. Your support is invaluable to our mission of advocacy, which is vital to the well-being of our veterans across this great nation. We have a long list of service members that would like to be a part of this very special evening. Every $200 will sponsor one active duty to the 4th Annual Veterans Awards. For every $200 raised, we will provide one complimentary ticket to our active duty service members that are currently within the ranks of E-1-E5, W-1-W-2 and O-1-O3.

For every $200 raised, AUSV will match one ticket for the ticket you sponsor. For example, if we raise enough for 10 tickets to be given away, AUSV will give away an additional 10 tickets. Our goal is to have 200 more (in addition to already confirmed guests) active duty service members and veterans at the 4th Annual Veterans Awards compliments of our generous community.

The Academy of United States Veterans (AUSV) is dedicated to the progression of the veterans community. We have contributed more than $800,000 to Veteran Service Organizations and advocacy groups across the nation, and we have formed over 40 partnerships with Veteran Service Organizations in the past three years. Our organization is committed to building, cultivating, and integrating relationships for the veterans community nationwide. We do this through extensive development and promotion of various veterans projects.

At AUSV we recognize the impressive work of our veterans and establish a community capable of helping and improving itself, together. To forward this goal, we created an annual event, beginning in 2015, at which we honor veteran projects and present awards to individuals and organizations that uniquely contribute to the well-being of the Veterans community.

The Vettys will be a nonpartisan celebration of the tremendous achievements of the veterans community. Please join forces with us by sponsoring a service member to attend the ceremony by clicking here, and helps us honor one more active duty service member on this night of celebrating service to our country. 

100% of your contributions will go toward sponsoring veterans and active duty service members.

$200= One Ticket for an Active Duty Service Member or a veteran.

Donate whatever your heart desires toward our Sponsor a Vet Campaign.