The VETTY is an award granted to an individual, organization or a project in the Veterans community that has exhibited significant commitment to furthering the positive development of the Veterans and their interests. 

An Honorary Vetty is an award granted to an exceptional project or person at any given time due to its unparalleled spotlight on the importance of our Veterans. The circumstances are the same as those who receive a VETTY, Nevertheless, the Honorary VETTY recognizes unique projects or individuals that have contributed to the well-being of the Veterans community while they were not expected to do so. This award is a token of our appreciation to a project or individual that created significant "IMPACT" through its invaluable platform. 


presented to

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge not only vividly captured the tragedy of war and a soldier’s determination to serve for his country, but it expressed the humanity, love and forgiveness of Veterans as well. The portrayal of Pfc. Edmond T. Doss, who chose to fight for our freedom and care for his brothers is a feeling all too familiar that every Veteran in our community is able to resonate with. The number of Veterans that have forever been positively touched through Hacksaw Ridge, is immeasurable. Hacksaw Ridge depicted every emotion, thought and concern a soldier undergoes, in the most exceptional manner, and for that, the project's excellence was acclaimed with the Honorary VETTY Award.