January 20, 2018 | The Mayflower Hotel | Washington, D.C. 

In 2015, the Academy of United States Veterans established an annual event at which it presented and recognized the most impactful entities that contribute to the well being of the Veterans' community. The Vettys (Veterans Awards) is an annual event celebrating awards conferred by the Academy’s voting committee. The 3rd Annual Vettys will be held on January 20, 2018, at the prestigious Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. 

The Veterans Awards will be presented in reflection of the recipients' work in 2017. The nominees must exemplify consistency, extraordinary quality of public service, exemplary advocacy efforts, demonstrate exceptional contribution or outstanding service to the Veterans' community.

AUSV will welcome Washington dignitaries, community supporters,representatives from distinguished Veteran Service Organizations, dependents of Veterans, and Veterans themselves to the Vettys ceremony. During the award ceremony, the "Vetty" will be presented to an individual or an organization that has contributed to the community of Veterans in a specific category. The Vetty is meant to represent the highest form of appreciation from our American community towards organizations that have made significant contributions in the Veterans community. 

Each non-profit organization will have the opportunity to nominate itself in one of the six categories. Once the nominees have been established, a committee will determine the six winners. We leave the decision to the military wife who needed support to hold her family together while her husband was deployed for months on end. We leave the decision to the injured combatant who needed the help of the American community to be able to continue to provide for his family. We leave the decision to the fearless men and women who have unselfishly served and supported our country for years. More information coming soon...