3rd annual vettys Board of Governors

Learn more about the members of the veterans community that carefully selected each honoree of the 3rd Annuals Veterans Awards.

Eric Ahn | U.S. Marine Corps

H.W. Prescott Floyd | U.S. Marine Corps

Daniel Leith | U.S. Marine Corps

Eric Mitchell | U.S. Marine Corps

Nicole Serafino | U.S. Marine Corps


Erica Courtney | U.S. Army

Dr. Eric Hannel | U.S. Marine Corps

Candy Martin | U.S. Army

Victoria Pridemore | U.S. Army

Colton Smith | U.S. Army


Mary Dailey

Verónica María Hoyer | U.S. Air Force

Floyd McLendon, Jr. | U.S. Navy

David Rader | U.S. Army

John Venable | U.S. Air Force

Dan Dwyer | U.S. Army

William Hubbard | U.S. Marine Corps

Travis McVey | U.S. Marine Corps

Ely Ross | U.S. Marine Corps