Floyd McLendon, Jr. 

Floyd McLendon_CPO.jpeg

Floyd is a native of Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Harold L. Richard’s High School. One year later, Floyd enlisted as an undesignated seaman into the United States Naval Reserve, attending bootcamp in Orlando, FL. One year after that, he fully committed, enlisted for active duty and chose Electronic’s Technician (ET) “A” School to become a radar and satellite communication’s expert. After 20 months of ET “A” School, he served four years on sea duty with the USS Kalamazoo (AOR-6) and the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67). Upon completion of sea duty, he transferred to NAS Patuxent River, MD for shore duty.

While on shore duty, Floyd contemplated the Navy as a long-term career. In doing so, he decided to change his expertise and become a U.S. Navy SEAL. Not knowing how to swim, Floyd immersed himself into preparing for Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL/School (BUD/S). Six months later, he was proficient enough to pass the BUD/S Physical Screening Test. 17 months later, Floyd checked into BUD/S and started training. Suffering from an internal injury, during Hell Week, Floyd voluntarily quit and rung the bell. He made a calculated decision to postpone BUD/S training, fully recover from his injury, and return at a later time. Upon quitting, Floyd was assigned orders to the USS Cleveland (LPD-7).

Fifteen months later, Floyd departed the USS Cleveland (LPD-7) and checked back into BUD/S and started training. 17 months later, Floyd graduated BUD/S with Class 254 and officially became a Special Warfare Operator (U.S. Navy SEAL). In addition to two years of BUD/S training to become an elite, military warrior, he spent the next 13 years at four different, Naval Special Warfare commands. For 25 years, Floyd honorably served in the greatest, naval military in the world. He forward deployed five times, with presence in 24 countries over five continents. Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer(Retired) Floyd McLendon Jr., now, is a highly experienced and inspirational speaker with a purpose to positively affect people’s lives. He is passionate about initiatives that will develop those who are struggling socially, mentally, and/or physically, with the aspiration of holding a seat in the legislative and/or executive branch.