The Heroes Thanking Heroes Program provides part-time, flexible employment to wounded veterans or their primary caregivers by allowing them to make thank you calls from their home to donors who have supported the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. This program uses VOIP and has allowed caregivers or wounded veterans to earn an income while going through recovery, even from the bedside at one of our nation’s military medical treatment facilities. The H.T.H. program is currently over 40 families strong and has a waiting list of veterans wanting to work in the program over a 100!

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The Heroes Thanking Heroes Program started in April of 2006 with 6 representatives. To date I'm happy to say we employ over 40 Veteran families in our program. This program enriches the lives of many of our veteran families by allowing them to earn an income for their families while maintaining their medical appointments and stressful schedules at home. Most of our representatives surpass the 6 month transition and some have gone on to work for the Coalition in a variety of roles. Usually based on their skills gained in the program. One of our representatives have been selected to serve as a voice for veteran caregivers across the US as the Kentucky Dole Fellow for 2018. Our leadership team has also helped to prevent a small number of veteran team members from following through with suicidal tendencies during dark times. This is because we're always available and we have genuine love and care for our team a primary focus.